Hill Reaches The Top


20160613_211755Cadet Warrant Officer Daisy Hill has reached the top rank of the cadet rank structure. It is a rank befitting the amount of responsiblity and experience CWO Hill provides the squadron.

Reaching the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer means that Hill joins CWO Suzanne Wyld and CWO Ryan Street at the top of the tree providing the direct link between the staff and cadets as well as helping plan and execute the curriculum and activities the ACO has to offer.

CWO Hill has proven time and again that she is a strong NCO capable of completing tasks, managing her peers and is enthusiastic about gaining and improving her own cadet experience as well as sharing her knowledge and expertise to others. In particular CWO Hill manages and instructs our Junior Recruits to prepare them for a long cadet career.


Congratulations CWO Hill!