Qualified Junior Leaders at 162!

12494701_1030788013653430_4734346548473693724_nAfter 8 months of intensive training weekends, revision and finally a grueling 7 day test phase 162 has two QJLs in the form of Cadet Sergeant Miller and Cadet Corporal Robinson. The two NCOs have hit the ground running with their cadet careers and managed to obtain multiple qualifications; the most recent being Junior Leaders.

11947912_923475774384655_6509876197165158929_oThis course is considered by most cadets and staff alike as the hardest course in the ACO. An overview of the course starts with selection in which 130 candidates had to be whittled down to 80. Selection involved completing the RAF fitness test, a presentation, basic navigation and basic fieldcraft.

Phase one is an intense devlopment and training curriculum designed to improve and hone skills that the students already have. Many weekends start with PT and move onto classroom theory or field skills. Toward the end of phase one candidates spent their first weekend in the field to prepare for phase two. Progression to phase two (which isn’t a guaranty) meant spending the rest of the weekends until test phase in the field using the skills they’d been taught in phase one. Candidates were taught to prepare and give orders. Sgt Miller and Cpl Robinson managed to pass both of these phases and progress onto test phase.


Test phase is a 7 night exercise complete with blank fire exercises and using all of their skills whilst being put to a serious test.

Cpl Robinson spoke for our QJL pair when he said “althought the weekends were often wet and grueling it was more than worth it to learn skills that most cadets will never learn. It was an amazing experience and we look forward to the next challenge.”

12015105_933026733429559_8241425445081782902_oThroughtout the course candidates are asked to fundraise for the John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation. Sgt Miller and Cpl Robinson raised well over £1000 between them completing a half marathon and a grueling bycicle ride respectively. As a reward for his effort Sgt Miller will be going to Ghana to further his charitable work in June/July.


Well done gents.